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A Full-Service Tick Spray, Pest Control, Deerpro Deer Repellent, Tree & Shrub Care Company based in Newtown, CT

Tick Spray Service

Newtown Organic Tick Spray:


A blend of woody oils & sticker that is sprayed on all lawn areas, flower beds & property borders.   Affordable pricing packages that can be tailored to fit your budget.


Newtown Traditional Tick Spray:


 Experience immediate results, but treatments only take minutes to dry. Children and Pets can play as soon as it dries. This also is sprayed on all lawn areas, flower beds and property borders. Affordable pricing packages that can be tailored to fit your budget.


Damminix Tick Tubes:


Provide an environmentally friendly, easy to use and precisely targeted solution to kill deer ticks.


Have proven results of up to a 10-fold reduction of exposure to a tick that could give you Lyme disease.


Do not expire, are EPA approved and made in the USA.

Deer Repellant Service

Tick and Turf provides deer repellent services utilizing DeerPro Repellent. DeerPro Repellents are professional grade products which are solely available to licensed commercial applicators. Tick and Turf's professional spray services ensures complete coverage and the best possible results.

Newtown DeerPro Repellent Application Services


Tick and Turf's Newtown DeerPro Deer Repellent services will ensure that our one-time seasonal application will be extremely effective in deterring deer from your landscape throughout the entire season.  For our winter Deer Repellent spray services, we begin the process during the month of October, which offers safety to for the trees and shrubs on your landscape until the warmer temperatures arrive.

  • Organic Tick Spray Programs

  • Traditional Tick Spray Programs

  • Lawn Care & Weed Control 

  • ​Seasonal Tick Spray Program

  • ​Winter DeerPro Repellent Application

  • Spring/Summer DeerPro Repellent

  • ​​Spring Fertilizing, Deep Root Feeding

  • ​Seasonal Cleanups

  • ​Seasonal Pruning and Lawn Mowing​

  • Tree Installations & Removal

  • Core Aeration

Newtown, CT Tick Spray Programs, Tick Removal, Organic Tick Control

Tick and Turf offers seasonal tick control programs that will work to drastically attack the tick population on your Newtown, CT property and reduce the potential for tick bites.  We offer a traditonal and organic tick spray programs and seasonal applications to ensure your family and pets are protected from tick-borne illnesses, such as Lyme Disease.

Based in Newtown, CT, Tick and Turf is a full service pest control and landscaping company that specializes in tick removal, tick spray, tick control, seasonal deer pro deer repellent spray services, and tree or shrub care, maintenance, and installations.  We offer years of experience in Newtown tick spraying which consists of organic and traditional tick spray protection for year round protection from invasive and potentially disease carrying ticks.  We utilize the most modern landscaping, deer repellent and tick protection techniques and equipment to ensure that your landscape will remain protected and flourish throughout the year for your family to fully enjoy.

In recent years, research has indicated that the tick population has increased substantially in the Newtown, Connecticut area, which has been a great concern for residents of the area.  Deer Ticks and the diseases that they can possibly infect other with should be considered a major security risk for you and your family.  It can be very difficult to detect ticks on your property, due to their small size and ability to latch onto clothing.  Home and commercial business owners throughout the Newtown area are more susceptible to tick infestations due to the heavily wooded areas, which allow ticks to thrive.


Tick and Turf offers customized Newtown tick spray programs that consists of organic and traditional sprays that will allow your family to fully enjoy your property, without the threat of contracting diseases such as the Powassan Virus and Lyme Disease.  Tick and Turf also provides expert Newtown Deerpro Deer Repellent Services , which has proven to be the most effective deer repellent product on the market and offers enduring protection for your landscaping from deer browsing damage.

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